Electric Bike Cycling Apps - Biking Technology To Be Aware Of

April 03, 2017

Electric Bike Cycling Apps - Biking Technology To Be Aware Of

Before you hit the trail, or gear up for your morning commute, download these cycling apps to your smartphone. You’ll thank me later. From navigation to fitness tracking, and everything in-between, the apps listed below will help you get the most fun out of your eBike adventure.

Google Maps

Android / iOS / Web

This is the first one on our list because it’s so powerful. Did you know Google Maps has a “bike mode”? Plug in your destination and select the bicycle icon, instead of the car. The app will help you find the best bike paths to your destination. This works in almost every city, and a lot of off-road bike paths are mapped out as well.

I personally use the street-view to plan out my ride - looking for any obstacles long before I reach that busy intersection without a bike lane, or a massive incline - although my eBike definitely helps me power through most of those with ease.

MTB Project

Android / iOS / Web

The thing I love most about MTB Project is the community - mountain bikers helping other mountain bikers find amazing rides and access information necessary to stay safe while exploring. You can instantly access insider information about the trail or park you’re looking to explore. And, as you travel, you can leave feedback, warnings and cool tips for other riders.

If you’re riding an eBike, you know your journey is going to take you further than you could go on your own - why not take advantage of MTB Project to experience all the hidden beauty that nature has to offer?

Elite HRV

Android / iOS / Web

No matter what kind of shape you’re in, monitoring your level of fatigue on the trail is important. Elite HRV is an app that measures various parameters, based on your vital signs, as you ride. It’s compatible with many smartwatches and heart rate sensors. You’ll be able to monitor your vital signs and make a more informed decision about the best time to head for home, or pull off the trail to take a break.

EBikes are phenomenal tools for minimizing stress on the trail, but it’s always wise to keep an eye on the signals your body is sending you. I personally adjust my pedal assist level based on the feedback the app gives me.

While you’re downloading these cycling apps, be sure to check out Samson’s line-up of elite mountain eBikes - specifically designed to help you conquer the trail. Pedal less and see more of what nature has to offer by giving us a call or ordering your custom eBike online!  

Do you have any favorite apps you’d like to add to this list? Leave a comment and tell us about it.