Samson eBikes About Us - Company Overview and Mission Statement

Samson eBikes are for people who want a high quality eBike at a reasonable price that extends their ride time and distance. This allows riders to comfortably PEDAL LESS AND SEE MORE of what they want and get to where they want to go faster. Samson eBikes was created by people who love the outdoors and wanted to share their experiences with all types of riders...young, old and in between! These eBikes are made with only top quality brand name components...Samson eBikes are unmatched by eBikes at double the price! Whether you love to be outdoors and ride fast or you just want to see more of the outdoors with less fatigue...Samson eBikes are perfect for you! If you want to share your ride time with the whole family or you just want to find a quick "green" way for your commute... Samson eBikes are the way to go!