TSL-POLICE Head/Tail Light set


This is the ideal light solution for any Patrol Bicycle. Powerful 1400 Lumens Headlight. Easy to use button extension on the bars and button on the headlight. Multiple modes to light up there flashing red and blue from the headlight and taillight. 


  • Police/Security Light Set
  • Headlight Output (White) With Super Bright Signaling Lights
  • USB Port Allows Battery To Be Used As A Back Up Power Supply When Traveling Or Riding
  • Special TL-80 Included Has Appropriate Signaling Lights For Model
  • Includes Wired Remote
  • Includes Quick Release Handlebar, Tail Light & Helmet Mounts


  • Modes: Multiple Headlight, Tail Light Safety & Signaling Mode
  • Weight: 540 Grams With Battery
  • Runtime: Max Brightness Settings With Head & Tail Light Runs 2.75 hrs
  • Battery: PANASONIC® 4-Cell Li-Ion, 6400mAh

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