Mammoth eBiking Ride Along - A First Perspective eBike Ride

April 03, 2017

Mammoth eBiking Ride Along - A First Perspective eBike Ride

We get emails from our Samson eBike Fans. Sometimes they are short notes, and sometimes they are longer stories. This is one of the longer ones. It's about a family ebike adventure at Mammoth Lakes, California.


Here is what Andrea H wrote: 

I am a married mother of two and recently had the greatest experience riding Samson eBikes with my family for the first time. We were on a vacation in Mammoth and decided to bring our brand new electric bikes with us. My nine year old rode the smaller version of Samson eBikes while the rest of us rode the standard sizes. My 12 year old boy was big enough to manage and ride this larger size bike safely.


The eBikes were very easy to figure out how to ride. After a quick test ride, we were all quickly on our way! We took our eBikes on to the Lake Mary Road bike lanes all the way up to Twin Lakes and then even on further to Horse Shoe Lake. This mountain ride to these beautiful areas is so hilly that they would definitely require a car to get there if we didn't have the pedal assist of our Samson eBikes.


Our entire family had such a memorable day!


Riding eBikes allowed us the freedom to stop and take pictures or to just take in the view anywhere along the way. We realized that had we been in a car, we would not have experienced half of what we did on our eBikes. We saw a group of deer and the kids jumped off their bikes to take pictures with them.


It was amazing!


My nine year old was able to keep up with her brother and us without a problem because she was able to use as much pedal assistance as she needed.


Since that day, we have taken many more rides as a family and we always look forward to jumping on and taking off.


Thank you, Samson eBikes, for providing our family with an incredible new way that we can all get outdoors together and see what beauty this great big world has to offer!


-Andrea H.


Thank you for your kind words, Andrea.


If you are also looking for ebikes for the whole family, then check out our full line of Samson eBikes. Maybe you'll be having a family ebike adventure one day soon, too!