The International Electric Bicycle - A New Trend In Travel

March 03, 2017

The International Electric Bicycle - A New Trend In Travel

The first electric bicycle was designed in the 1800’s. Since then, a few centuries worth of advancement has given us an eBike that is powerful enough to help us get from A to B, without requiring the costly registration and licensing associated with other motor vehicles.

Electric bikes are extremely popular around the world, and eBikes are really starting to catch on in the US. In addition to being a ton of fun, eBikes are:

  • Great for commuting to and from work without breaking a sweat.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Customized to handle almost any terrain.
  • Perfect for bringing the family together while exploring the great outdoors.

Let’s take a closer look at the international popularity of eBikes.

The Electric Bicycle is Used by More Than 200 Million People in China

In China, air quality is a major problem. Cities have become overcrowded and industrialization has wreaked havoc on the environment. For more than 200 million Chinese citizen, the electric bicycle has become the preferred mode of transportation.

It’s compact, able to quickly navigate congested city streets and more economical than a car or truck; and far more convenient than waiting for public transportation.

Deutsche Post Embraces eBike Parcel Delivery

In Europe, eBikes are equally popular. They’re seen as a modern, more environmentally responsible alternative to traditional, gas-powered vehicles.In fact, electric bicycles are so reliable and efficient that the German postal service is adopting them for urban deliveries. More than 6200 are currently in service - leveraging powerful electric motors and high-capacity batteries to make daily mail deliveries.

Electric Bicycles Represent the Largest Growth Segment in Biking

As traditional bike sales plateau in many markets, eBikes are experiencing massive growth. Primarily because they’re a ton of fun - allowing anyone that can ride a traditional bike to pedal less and see more.

If you’d like to experience the thrill of riding an eBike for yourself, give Samson a call today. Or, you can order your custom eBike online. Now is the perfect time to order, just in time for a fun summer vacation.